Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-Opening Credit Sequence

I haven't seen the movie yet but this definitely makes me want to. Crazy, creepy, love the Led Zeppelin cover. The first 2.5 minutes of the movie score a solid 10/10 for me!


  1. Saw this movie. I'd like to write up a quick review when I get some time. Be warned: there are some very intense, disturbing scenes of fairly graphic rape. Not for the faint of heart. Overall, the movie was as good of an adaptation as any director and screenwriter is going to get out of the source material. Terrific lead performance by Rooney Mara, but to be honest, Noomi Rapace gave just as solid a performance in the original Swedish movie. Hard to recommend this one due to the content and graphic nudity. Still worth checking out if your a Fincher fan (which I most certainly am). He adds his own dark take to the already dark source material (as you can tell by the intro, which is a bit James Bond-ish if you ask me). My problems with the movie are really my problems with the source material. I've read the first two books and am trying to finish the 3rd. They are interesting enough, but are not mind-blowing or groundbreaking in any way. Bottom line: the movie is stylish and fast-paced, but the characters lack any real depth, which is exactly how Stieg Larsson wrote them. For me, movies are all about characers. I apprciate a solid action flick just as much as the next guy, but I also look for real 3 dimensional characters. The fact is that for all the hoopla surround the Lisbeth Salander character, she is extremely one dimensional as written by the author. He uses his characters to drive the plot. Instead of giving us greater insight into why the characers behave in certain ways, Larsson simply makes them act in certain ways to move along the plot. That is one of my main issues with the book and therefore the movie. That being said, I don't want to hate on the movie completely. But you won't see me naming it to my best of the year list.

  2. I think if you copy and paste that comment you'll have a review! Heh. Just add a 6/10 at the end of it and add a trailer. I have a feeling this will be a movie that engenders some serious discussion between the respective site contributors. In regards to the graphic nature of some of the scenes, when Fincher was asked about the Oscar-worthiness of this film he said "There's too much anal rape in this movie" to be nominated. Yeah, I'd say there will probably be some scenes that are stomach-turning.